New Richmond Running Club

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Quote of the Week

"I'm not crazy, I need to bake the mail and wash the groceries"
-Quarantined in NR

Picture of the Week

Morning Runs are the safest time to keep the social distance as the trails are seeing record numbers in the afternoon. The busiest trails are WITC Trail, Paperjack Trail and along 140th! 

Stay safe Runners!

In The News

Liquor Sales are up! 


Jack and Jill Marathon July 25th

there are no updates due to Covid 19


Runners share how they are social distancing on overcrowded trails


Grandmas Marathon is officially cancelled utilizing 

a new virtual concept instead. Race officials are keeping the funds

citing the fees were already utilized leaving quite a sour taste 

with some runners.


Boston Issues Refunds for runners or allow you to toe the line September 14th! 


Green Bay Marathon Allowing Deferment or Virtual Option


All NRRC group runs are postponed

 until further notice


Running through Covid 19

Please read this from Runners World Online    


 Many races are being cancelled, 

Please check your race's website for updated information

please note many races are already cancelled through July