New Richmond Running Club

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Quote of the Week

"It's like I am running in my own shwelt"

-John Hopkins

Picture of the Week

Siren's Freedom 5K

Numbers were way down and the heat and humidity 

was way up at this years very popular 5K!

Nice work runners!

In The News

Heat training rule of thumb

Drink 4-6 ounces every 20 minutes during your run

Drink a sports drink after an hour


Heat exhaustion can creep up on you and running in extreme heat and humidity releases endorphins that give you a false sense 

of how you are feeling.

This is a bad combination when out in direct sun and humidity 

when the temps hover in the 70's and above.


Sun burned skin loses it's ability to sweat!


Siren Freedom 5K Results here!


Jack and Jill Marathon postponed to 2021


Running During Covid-19

Social Distancing is recommended now more than ever due to spikes in Covid- 19 in Wisconsin

Virtual Grandmas / Stower Trail Run